In the Matter of M.A. (March 23 2020) Board of Immigration Appeals [pdf]

In the Matter of M-A. (2020) Brief filed with the Board of Immigration Appeals. NIWAP was lead amicus in an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeal in a case of first impression challenging an Immigration Judge’s denial of VAWA cancellation of removal to an LGBTQ+ immigrant victim of spouse abuse who suffered multiple VAWA confidentiality violations including Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement informing the court they planned to call the perpetrator as a witness, submitting an affidavit by the perpetrator that the immigration judge relied upon to deny the victim VAWA cancellation of removal, the immigration court failing to remove the victim’s case from the publicly available computer system and numerous other VAWA confidentiality violations. The brief provided detailed legislative, regulatory and policy history on VAWA confidentiality and discussed each of the numerous VAWA confidentiality violations occurring in this case by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the immigration judge and the immigration courts. (March 24, 2020)