Maryland Public Benefits

Current as of August 2, 2022. The purpose of this web tool is to help victim advocates, attorneys, judges and other professionals screen and identify which immigrant survivors and immigrant children qualify for which state or federally funded public benefits, programs, and services. This tool will help determine whether an immigrant survivor or child is eligible, not eligible, or may be eligible for each particular state or federal public benefit open to immigrants in your state. When working with immigrants who are eligible or potentially eligible, NIWAP’s detailed public benefits charts provide detailed citations to law, policy, and regulations. Use this web-based tool to identify and compare benefits available in each state. Then go to:

Note: The 1996 welfare reform laws authorized states to implement state laws that offer immigrants more state-funded benefits than federal public benefits provided and authorized states to impose more restrictions on the federal public benefits immigrants living in the state could access. This state has elected to:

  • Offer STATE FUNDED BENEFITS to certain groups of immigrants in the following benefits programs: TANF, Tanf funded Child Care, Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Prenatal care, Post-secondary education in-state tuition, financial aid and scholarships, and Driver’s licenses.
  • Impose MORE RESTRICTIONS on immigrant access to federal public benefits: Not applicable.

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