[pdf] Souratgar v. Fair (February 18 2013) 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals (+)

Souratgar v. Fair (February 18 2013) 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. NIWAP and others, represented by Greenberg and Trauri, participated in an amicus in a Hague Convention international custody case with Sanctuary for Families in New York. The amicus address domestic violence and immigration related abuse and provided social science research and legislative history documenting the dynamics of domestic violence experienced by immigrant victims, particularly immigration related abuse as well as research and Congressional Resolutions on the effect that witnessing a domestic violence has on children.

[pdf] VAWA-Legislative History Rape Protections and Housing Confidentiality Congressional Record (July30, 1995) (+)

Congressional Record July 30, 1995 Senator Biden discussing amendments in federal law needed to ensure that rape was included as on of the federal laws that is defined as causing serious bodily injury. Contains a significant statement on rape and the need for greater protections for rape victims. Discusses the important role of the Violence Against Women Act. This congressional record also includes the introduction of a 1996 Housing Act including early housing protections providing confidentiality for victims.

[pdf] Senate and House Extension of Remarks-Congressional Record March 31, 1995 (+)

Senator Kennedy on the creation of the Violence Against Women Act Office, (later renamed OVW), reinstatement with federal funds of the National Hotline, initiation of VAWA grant funding nationally, House: Stupak on creation of the VAWA Office; Slaughter on Appointment of Bonnie Campbell to lead the first VAWA Office (OVW) and initiation of OVW grant funding.

[pdf] Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994- Conference Report (+)

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 is a bill to amend the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to allow grants to increase police presence, to expand and improve cooperative efforts between law enforcement agencies and members of the community to address crime and disorder problems, and otherwise to enhance public safety.