[pdf] How to Argue or Rule on VAWA Confidentiality Protections in Discovery Involving Immigrant Survivors (November 18, 2022) (+)

Step-by-step guide for attorneys and judges on VAWA confidentiality and discovery with links to resources, tools, case law, Amicus Briefs, and sample bench briefs and motions.

[pdf] Amicus Curiae Brief EEOC v Koch Foods (October 22, 2015) (+)

Amicus Brief in a federal employment discrimination case brought by the EEOC and immigrant employees who were victims of sexual assault and other crimes against Koch Foods in Mississippi. The Amicus Brief discusses VAWA confidentiality its legislative history and purpose and argues why VAWA confidentiality protected case files in VAWA self-petition and U visa cases should not be discoverable in an employment civil action. The case cites cases denying discovery in state family and criminal court cases.

[pdf] Sample Criminal Court VAWA Confidentiality Protections – Amici Curiae Brief of Legal Momentum, Sanctuary for Families, and National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project (2012) (+)

Legal Momentum, Sanctuary for Families, and National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project submitted this brief on VAWA confidentiality protections as Amici curiae in support of the Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York in a criminal court case.

[pdf] Sample Plaintiffs’ Motion in Limine to Strike the Defendants’ Pleadings, Motions, and Advocacy for Pleadings and Motions for Violation of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 (+)

Sample plaintiffs’ motion in limine to strike the defendants’ pleadings, motions, and advocacy for pleadings and motions for violation of federal rule of civil procedure 11. This sample includes a discussion of VAWA confidentiality and how Rule 11 sanctions may be applicable when opposing counsel is making threats of deportation or criminal prosecution of an immigrant crime victim during or before a civil trial.