November 15, 2013: “Researcher/Practitioner Collaboration: Strategies for Successful Implementation” (Webinar)

The social science faculty review the results of The Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships Study (RPPS) and discuss the 6 products generated by that initiative. The attorney and advocate faculty offer reflections on the RPPS report and share lessons learned from their own robust collaborations with researchers. View the entire webinar page on the Battered Women’s Justice Project’s […]

September 9-12, 2012: San Diego, CA “Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT): 17th Annual Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma”

PowerPoint Presentations Issues, Rights, and Danger Assessment for Immigrant Intimate Partner Violence Survivors Domestic Violence In the Latino Community: Help Available For Victims Mandated Reporting for Adult Abuse Victims of Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Public Benefits Access to Programs and Services that Can Help Battered Immigrants Public Benefits Access for Battered Immigrant Women […]