[pdf] Bench Card on Immigrant Crime Victim’s and Immigrant Children’s Access to Public Benefits and Services (December 31, 2021) (+)

This bench card provides an outline for judges of the publicly funded state and federal public benefits and services that are open to all immigrants without regard to immigration status. The bench card then describes at what points in an immigrant victim, child or other litigant’s immigration case process they gain again access to a broader range of state and federal public benefits including subsidized health care, food stamps, TANF, housing, post-secondary educational grants and loans and a wide range of other benefits. Having a list of which immigrant qualify for which benefits and services will help judges craft court orders in cases involving immigrnat children, crime victims and their families.

[pdf] Flowchart on Access to Federal and State Public Benefits for Battered Immigrant Spouses and Children of U.S. Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents (+)

This is a flowchart pertaining to abused family members’ access to federal and state public benefits, including services necessary to protect life and safety.