[pdf] In Re Guardianship of Saul H (CA S. Ct 8.15.22) (+)

On August 15, 2022, the California Supreme Court published its opinion on In re Guardianship of Saul H in which that Court overturned a state court that refused to issue a predicate order to an immigrant child who suffered abuse and neglect perpetrated by his parents. Despite the uncontroverted evidence about the abuse and neglect by Saul’s parents, the probate court denied his request of SIJS findings. Saul appealed and the Court of Appeals affirmed, but on the California Supreme Court reversed, with all justices concurring. In In re Guardianship of Saul H., the California Supreme Court provides very helpful clarification and direction that will assist trial courts and appellate courts in California and nationally for state courts carrying out their Congressionally assigned role issuing predicate orders that are a required of immigrant children filing SIJS applications.