[pdf] Meredith v. Muriel K&L Gates Supreme Court of the State of Washington (July 17 2009) (+)

Meredith v. Muriel, Supreme Court of the State of Washington, (2009). Submitted two amicus briefs one on behalf of Legal Momentum and a second on behalf of the National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women in a case in which an abuser appealed the issuance of a protection order containing a prohibition against the abuser communicating with the Department of Homeland Security regarding his wife. One brief (K & L Gates, Pro Bono) provided social science documentation of the harm to victims and the lethality of immigration related abuse and discussed the history and purpose of VAWA confidentiality protections.

[pdf] United States V. Luciana Moreno-Lopez; (June 7 2010) United States District Court, Eastern District of Chattanooga (+)

Amicus brief in a case in which undocumented workers had been victims of extortion, when the workers complained to EEOC and the Department of Labor the employer retaliated by triggering the employees detention by the Department of Homeland Security.
The workers filed and received U-visas as victims of extortion despite this fact, the U.S. attorney brought charges
against the workers for document fraud. This amicus brief, filed in the employees’ criminal case, described the
history and purpose of the U-visa as humanitarian relief and a tool for law enforcement.

November 6,2019: Washington, D.C. Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance Panel “25th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act”

NIWAP’s Director, Leslye Orloff, was part of this panel for the Yale Alumni Non-profit Alliance, where panelists and attendees discussed the Violence Against Women Act. Ms. Orloff was apart of a panel that included attorneys and directors from the U.S. Department of Justice, Futures without Violence, and other nonprofit executives. Training Materials Powerpoint Presentation If […]

February 16, 2016: Washington, DC “History of Legislative Advocacy: VAWA’s Immigration Protections & Next Horizons”

IRC and Amnesty Founders’ Event at American University Washington College of Law on Gender Based Violence. Materials: Slides: History of Legislative Advocacy: VAWA’s Immigration Protections & Next Horizons Building Trusting Relationships: A Guide for Advocates/Attorneys Working with Law Enforcement (LE) on U-Visa Certification Issues (Flow Chart) CH 12: Sexual Assault Survivors and Gender-Based Asylum Offering […]

October 1-4, 2012: “Building Legal Protections for Immigrant Survivors: Past, Present and Future” (Webinar)

“Building Legal Protections for Immigrant Survivors: Past, Present and Future,” presented at a community lecture at Northeastern University School of Law. Presented by Leslye Orloff on October 1 through 4, 2012. PowerPoint Presentation Building Legal Protections for Immigrant Survivors: Past, Present, and Future Materials State-by-State Immigrant Demographics Percent Increase of Immigrant Population between 2001 and […]

September 7, 2012: State College, PA “The Policy and Politics of Serving Immigrant Victims: The Role of the Department of Homeland Security, Prosecutorial Discretion, Deferred Action, and VAWA Reauthorization”

Conference hosted by Penn State Law Center for Immigrants’ Rights and Centre County Women’s Resource Center’s Civil Legal Representation Project.  PowerPoint Presentation for Panel The Law, Policy, and Politics of Protecting Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence Prosecutorial Discretion and Enforcement: Government Memorandum and Fact Sheets Exercising Prosecutorial Discretion with Respect to Individuals Who Came to […]