[pdf] Form I-912: Request for Fee Waiver (USCIS) (+)

This form requests a fee waiver for certain USCIS immigration forms and services based on a demonstrated inability to pay. Forms eligible for this fee waiver may be found in the instructions here: https://niwaplibrary.wcl.american.edu/pubs/fee-waiver-instructions (pages 1-2).

[pdf] EOIR Form 26A: Fee Waiver Request (+)

This two-page document is a fee waiver application that eligible immigrants may file with their EOIR forms in immigration court. This fee waiver is specific to EOIR forms and immigration court. A different fee waiver form is required for USCIS applications and may be found here: https://niwaplibrary.wcl.american.edu/pubs/i-912.

*SJI and National Judicial Network Training Materials (Last Updated June 8, 2023)

Technical Assistance NIWAP also offers technical assistance for judges and court staff. Find out how to receive  NIWAP’s technical assistance from NIWAP’s experts and judicial faculty here. If you are a judge or judicial faculty, please consider joining our National Judicial Network. You can find more information about the National Judicial Network here. Most Updated […]

[pdf] Department of Homeland Security Organizational Chart – Crime Victim Cases (April 16, 2019) (+)

This document is the organizational chart for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with explanations and highlights detailing the components (divisions) within DHS responsible for adjudicating immigration applications filed by immigrant crime victims; developing DHS regulations, policies and internal training materials that implement federal laws protecting and providing immigration relief to crime victims; enforcing Violence Against Women Act Confidentiality laws; and enforcing immigration laws generally. The amendments to this document were made by NIWAP, American University, Washington College of Law.

[pdf] Form EOIR 42B: Application for Cancellation of Removal for Certain Nonpermanent Residents (+)

This form is an Application for Cancellation of Removal for Certain Nonpermanent Residents. The application includes instructions as well as the application itself. The instructions review eligibility, burden of proof, required documents, fees, and filing.

*Training Materials: Immigration Relief for Immigrant Crime Victims and Immigrant Children

For more information on any of the following immigration protections for immigrant crime victims including statues, regulations, policies and government publications see generally: https://niwaplibrary.wcl.american.edu/topic/immigration/ Legal Rights Overviews, Screening Tools, and Brochures Multilingual Materials for Victims and Advocates DHS Infographic: Protection for Immigrant Victims DHS Proteccions Para Las Víctimas Inmigrantes (Protections for Immigrant Victims) The Department […]

[pdf] Appendix G – DHS Immigrants Options for Victims of Crime (English) (+)

This Appendix provides a snapshot of immigrant’s options for victims of crime.