[pdf] Wilkinson v. Garland (September 2023) US Supreme Court (+)

NIWAP participated in an amicus brief on writ of certiorari to the US Court of Appeals of the Third Circuit to ensure that courts review BIA hardship determinations for immigrant victims of domestic violence seeking cancellation of removal under VAWA. SCOTUS ruled in favor of Wilkinson, holding that the application of the exceptional and extremely […]

[pdf] Ruiz v. Carrasco (1997) DC Court of Appeals (+)

Amicus brief in the case of Antonio Ruiz v. Wendy R. Carrasco, case nos. 98-FM-39 98-FM-40 on issues of civil protection orders. Ruiz v. Carrasco, DC Court of Appeals (1997) Filed an Amicus Brief was in support of a court issuing a protection order prohibiting an abusive husband from reporting his wife to government officials including (INS). (Piper Marbury Rudnick & Wolfe, Pro Bono)