[pdf] LSC Cover Letter AO 2016-002 (Revised) (+)

Cover letter from Legal Services Corporation General Counsel updating Advisory Opinion 2016-002’s revision. This cover letter informs LSC programs about this advisory opinion allowing LSC funded agencies to represent non-citizen parents and guardians of abused noncitizen children in cases that benefit the noncitizen abused child. The principal revision is to clarify that LSC is using the term “guardian” to refer to individuals who have custody of and responsibility for the child in question, regardless of whether that individual is the child’s court-appointed guardian or custodian.

[pdf] Advisory Opinion 2016-002: Providing Legal Services for Children Seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (+)

Advisory Opinion 2016-002: Permissibility of Providing Legal Services to Noncitizen Parents and Noncitizen Guardians of Children Seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. LSC funded programs may represent noncitizen parents and, in some instances, noncitizen guardians of noncitizen children subjected to battery, extreme cruelty, sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking or other U-visa-listed activities, as long as the legal assistance is directly related to obtaining relief from the abuse for the child. Proceedings in which noncitizen parents or guardians petition for SIJS on behalf of their noncitizen children are proceedings directly related to obtaining relief from the abusive situation for the child.

[pdf] Legal Services Corporation: Program Letter 14-3 (+)

LSC issued a Program Letter to provide guidance to recipients in light of the recent influx of non-citizens into the United States from Central America on when children are eligible for representation by an LSC funded legal services program under LSC’s Anti-abuse regulations.

[pdf] LSC Proposed Regulation: Restrictions on Legal Assistance to Immigrants (2013) (+)

This proposed rule updates the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) regulation on legal assistance to immigrants. The proposed rule implements the Violence Against Women Act of (VAWA)2005 by creating a new anti-abuse path to legal representation by LSC funded agencies. This is the first update of the Legal Services regulations since 1997 and should be read together with the final regulations. These proposed rules, and their preamble, are an important part of the regulatory history of legal services access for immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other U visa criminal activities.

[pdf] LSC Memorandum Regarding Hague Convention Cases (+)

Memorandum from the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) to all its grantees confirming that LSC grantees have the statutory and regulatory authority to represent eligible foreign nationals in Hague Convention cases (compelling the return of a child from one member nation to another) brought in United States courts. This authority extends to foreign nationals residing abroad.

[pdf] LSC Program Letter 06-2: Violence Against Women Act 2006 Amendments (+)

Legal Services Corporation (“LSC”) Program Letter providing guidance on the significant changes impacting both client eligibility for services as well as use of LSC funds to represent immigrant crime victims pursuant to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”) of 2005. VAWA 2005 explicitly expands the scope of services that LSC grantees can provide to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, and certain other crimes, regardless of their immigration status. The VAWA 2005 Amendments authorize LSC grantees to provide services to immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other U visa listed crimes beginning January 5, 2006.

[pdf] Appendix to Regulations: Alien Eligibility for Representation by LSC-Funded Programs (+)

This appendix to 45 C.F.R. 1626 is a table outlining an immigrant’s eligibility for representation by Legal Services Corporation funded programs based on her status. The document also indicates the statutory and regulatory authority for its determinations, as well as the requisite list of verification documents that the immigrant would need for service provision.

[pdf] LSC Testimony: Unmet Needs of Domestic Violence Victims for Legal Services (+)

Testimony given by Legal Services Corporation (“LSC”) Chairman, Vice Chairman, and President before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies of the House Appropriations Committee. The testimony uses empirical data to discuss the importance of access to legal services for domestic violence victims and their children.

[pdf] LSC Program Letter 96-4: New Restrictions on LSC Grantees (+)

This Legal Services Corporation (“LSC”) Program Letter informs legal services agencies receiving LSC funds of restrictions on allowable representation and the use of non-LSC Funds to represent battered immigrants under the Kennedy Amendment. The letter also discusses restrictions on Class Actions, Redistricting, and Representations in Certain Eviction Proceedings.