Vigil v. Lynch (February 29 2016) US Court of Appeals 5th Circuit [pdf]

Maria Esterlina Perez Vigil v. U.S. (February 29 2016) 5 th Circuit Court of Appeals. NIWAP, and various Immigration Law Professors from Texas, filed an
amicus curiae brief on behalf of Maria Esterlina Perez Vigil a victim of domestic violence, who had
denied her request for asylum because she was able to move out the residence that she shared with the
abuser. The brief discussed the dynamics of abusive relationships and explained that physical separation
from an abuser rarely means that an abused woman has successfully left the relationship or marriage and
stopped the cycle of violence. Indeed, the abuser’s control of the victim can often continue well after the
victim moves out, particularly where children are involved. This amicus was filed in the 5th Circuit
Federal Court of Appeals in a case in which Perez Vigil is seeking to overturn the Immigration Judge and
the Board of Immigration`s ruling that denied her request seeking asylum, withholding of removal, and
protection under the CAT.