Access to State-Funded Public Benefits in Connecticut for Survivors (May 14, 2019, updated September 5, 2022) [pdf]

This chart describes the federal and when offered state funded public benefits that immigrant crime victims are legally eligible to access. Which benefits a victim can access depends on:
• On the victim’s immigration status or the immigration relief the victim is in the process of applying for;
• Which benefit they are applying for; and
• When they entered the United States.
The chart provides information about benefits eligibility for VAWA self-petitioners, refugees, asylees, T and U visa applicants, children applying for SIJS and DACA, and undocumented victims. The chart covers eligibility for: TANF, Child Care, SNAP (food stamps), WIC, health care, educational grants, loans and in-state tuition, driver’s licenses, housing, tax credits, legal services, weatherization assistance, and FEMA assistance.