Vallabhaneni (September 27 2001) Board of Immigration Appeals [pdf]

NOW Legal Defense Fund and others filed this amicus in support of the appeal by Aruna C. Vallabhaneni
of the decision of the Immigration Judge denying her application for political asylum despite an
undisputed record of years of severe domestic violence and her inability to obtain protection
from the government of India. The record before the judge established that Ms. Vallabhaneni
was persecuted in the past and that she has a well-founded fear that she will continue to be
persecuted in the future by her husband if she is forced to return to India, that the persecution she
experienced and which she fears was inflicted because of her membership in a particular social
group defined in whole or in part by her gender, and that she is not able to obtain protection from
her government. The Immigration Judge’s decision should be reversed and Ms. Vallabhaneni’s
application for asylum should be granted.