Amicus Brief Matter of MA (March 23, 2020) Board of Immigration Appeals [pdf]

The amici submit this brief in support of Respondent (“Mr. M.A.”) seeking reversal of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (“EOIR”) immigration judge’s October 17, 2019 decision denying Mr. M.A’s petition for (a) Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”) cancellation of removal pursuant to Section 240A(b)(2) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”); (b) asylum pursuant to Section 208 of the INA; (c) withholding of removal pursuant to Section 241(b)(3) of the INA; and (d) protection under the Convention Against Torture, pursuant to 8C.F.R.§1208.16. Amici specifically submit this brief requesting the Board of Immigration Appeal (“Board”) to remedy the flagrant and egregious violations of VAWA’s confidentiality provisions that occurred in Mr. M.A.’s detention and removal proceedings. The Board should remedy these violations by terminating the present removal proceedings— a measure envisioned by Congress when it renewed the VAWA legislation in 2005 (see infra Sections III, IV), or, in the alternative, by reversing and remanding this matter to a different immigration judge.