J.A. v Wolf – NIWAP Amicus Step-Child Case (July 24, 2000) [pdf]

“Amicus on in Jennifer Arguijo v. Wolf” NIWAP represented by K & L Gates LLP, filed an amicus brief in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals at the request of the National Immigrant Justice Center in a case of a battered immigrant step-child whose self-petition was denied by USCIS. Both the appellant step-child and her mother were abused by the victim’s citizen step-father including sexual abuse of his step-daughter. The step-child’s mother died related to the abuse she had suffered. USCIS and the BIA claimed that the victim’s step-parent/step-child relationship ends with divorce or death. NIWAP’s amicus brief describes how the Immigration and Nationality Act statutory text does not provide an end date for the step-child step-parent relationship and that imposing one is contrary to the legislative history and purpose of the Violence Against Women Act and VAWA self-petitioning. (July 29, 2020).