[pdf] Febuary 2017 Newsletter (+)

In this issue: – DHS Interactive Infographic on Protections for Immigrant Victims – Department of Housing and Urban Development’s VAWA Self-Petitioner Verification Procedures – Upcoming Webinar Training: Immigrant Access to Federally Funded Housing

[pdf] NIWAP Newsletter – October 2014: VAWA Confidentiality (+)

In this issue:
– Violence Against Women Act’s Special Immigration VAWA Confidentiality Protections for Immigrant Survivors
– Types of Immigrants Eligible for VAWA Confidentiality Disclosure Limitations
– Who Can Benefit from VAWA Confidentiality Protection?
– VAWA Confidentiality Protections for Eligible Immigrants
– Examples of Violations
– Exceptions to VAWA Confidentiality
– Penalties for Violating VAWA Confidentiality
– Reporting Violations to DHS
– How to Prepare to Address VAWA Confidentiality in State Courts

[pdf] NIWAP Newsletter – LSC Regulations (+)

In this issue:
– Violence Against Women Act’s Expansion of Access to Legal Services for Survivors
– Expansion of Eligibility for Legal Services in LSC Regulations and LSC Program Letter 14-3
– What Kind of Legal Services Can Battered Immigrants and Immigrant Survivors of Crime Receive Regardless of Immigration Status?
– Who is Eligible to Receive Legal Services Under the Anti-Abuse Laws?
– Representation of Battered Immigrants, Immigrant Child Abuse Victims and Unaccompanied Minors
– Access to Legal Services by Survivors of Human Trafficking: Three Distinct Paths
– Presence Requirement for Access to Legal Services
– Additional Expansions to Legal Services Eligibility
– How LSC Funded Agencies Can Effectively Implement the New Regulation

[pdf] November 2016 Newsletter (+)

In this issue:
– VAWA Confidentiality Training
– New Orleans Conference December 2016
– NIWAP National Directory Updates
– Job Opportunity: Ayuda

[pdf] June 2017 Newsletter (+)

In this Issue:
– Crime Victim Compensation
– Healthcare Chart Tools
– Leadership for Justice Training Course
– Job Opportunity: Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

[pdf] January 2015 Healthcare Newsletter (+)

In this Issue:
– General Information Regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
– Immigrant Crime Victims Who Are Eligible to Access Healthcare Exchanges
– How Do I Access the Healthcare Exchanges?
– Access to Healthcare Subsidies for Immigrant Survivors and Their Children
– Healthcare Access for Immigrants Who are NOT Eligible to Access the Healthcare Exchanges
– Applicability of Public Charge and Deeming Rules to Immigrant Survivors and Their Children Eligible for Healthcare Subsidies

[pdf] NIWAP Newsletter – October 2014: Benefits Comparison (+)

In this issue:
– Demographics of Unaccompanied Minors in the United States
– Screening Children and Crime Victims for Immigration Relief Eligibility Using a Trauma Informed Approach
– Comparing Public Benefits for Forms of Immigration Relief
– Latest Developments at NIWAP
– Webinars, Publications, Trainings
– Student Corner

[pdf] September 2014 Newsletter (+)

This newsletter provides information and links to resources on a number of issues including gender based asylum and access to legal services corporation funded representation for immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking and the parental interest directive policy through which DHS officials are required to facilitate participation in court cases involving their children for detained immigrant parents.