Re: PM-602-0110: VAWA Amendments to the Cuban Adjustment Act: Continued Eligibility for Abused Spouses and Children [pdf]

NIWAP’s response in support of the memo that included comments for further clarification and instructions regarding the adjudication of such applications. USCIS issued a policy memorandum implementing the provisions of VAWA 2005 and 2000 granting continuing eligibility to apply for lawful permanent residency without the help or knowledge of their abusive spouse to abused spouses and children of Cubans who have applied for lawful permanent residency under the Cuban Adjustment Act (CAA) or who qualified under the CAA but obtained lawful permanent residency thought another type of immigration case. To qualify an abused immigrant must be the spouse/child of a Cuban national described in the CAA. When the Cuban spouse meets these conditions: the abused spouse/child may self petition for lawful permanent residency even if they are separated from the abuser and if still married to the abusive Cuban spouse or if less than two years have passed since the abusive Cuban spouse’s death or the termination of their marriage to the abused spouse.