[pdf] Immigrant Survivor Access to Federally Funded Housing PPT Slides (February 22, 2017) (+)

Power point slides from a webinar jointly hosted by NIWAP and the National Housing Law Project discussing the legal rights of immigrant survivors to access shelter and transitional housing and the groups of immigrant survivors including VAWA self-petitioners legally eligible to access public and assisted housing, including housing vouchers.

[pdf] Policy Links: Shelter and Transitional Housing Immigrant Victims Feb 22, 2017 (+)

Links to the Joint HUD, HHS, and DOJ Policy on access to emergency shelter, transitional housing and other programs necessary to protect life and safety, to all of the government resources cited in the policy memo and to each of the other government documents confirming immigrant access to shelter and transitional housing.

[pdf] NHLP-Housing Covered by Section 214 (Feb. 2017) (+)

This fact sheet discusses that housing programs that fall within Section 214 of the Housing Act and are subject to immigrant restrictions and are only open to certain categories of immigrants. The section 214 list of immigrants eligible to receive public and assisted housing includes lawful permanent residents and VAWA self-petitioners.

[pdf] Slides Webinar Immigrant Victim Access Federally Assisted Housing (February 22, 2017) (+)

PowerPoint presentation slides for the webinar on access to public and assisted housing, shelter and transitional housing for immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, trafficking, abused and abandoned immigrant children and immigrant homeless. The document included the PowerPoint presentation and the cover list of documents distributed with the webinar.

[pdf] Info Packet Webinar Immigrant Access to Housing (February 22, 2017) (+)

This information packet contains a the webinar PowerPoint, copies of relevant government documents, and training tools on immigrant crime victim access to government funded programs providing emergency shelter, transitional housing, public and assisted housing open to immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking and dating violence. The documents describe what programs are open to all immigrants without regard to immigration status and which are limited to certain categories of immigrant victims including access to public and assisted housing for VAWA self-petitioners and Human Trafficking victims with HHS certifications.